Manage technical debt with machine learning

Heupr is an open source service that offers a variety of features including bug assignment, task labeling, and duplicate issue identification to help manage your GitHub projects.

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Too many issues piling up? Heupr automatically assigns contributors to review new issues and stay ahead of backlog. COMING SOON!

Can't figure out what's what? Heupr parses and categorizes new issues by placing labels that you specify on them. COMING SOON!

Feel like you're seeing double? Heupr identifies when an issue is raised that duplicates one previously opened. COMING SOON!

Unsure how accurate projections are? Heupr compares pull request estimates to actual completion time for progress analysis. COMING SOON!


We're currently revamping the application - instructions coming soon!


Mike and John are the co-creators and core maintainers of the project. We love talking to people about Heupr so feel free to reach out and say hello!